Your hunt for the finest Alisha Empire Salon is over. Alisha Empire Salon is one of the popular Alisha Empire Salon, the most sought-after cosmetics artist in Delhi, founded this beauty business. She is Delhi’s most prominent makeup artist with two decades of experience. Our salon chains have recruited the finest experienced makeup artists. Stop looking for the finest wedding makeup artist near me and book an appointment at Alisha Empire Salon.
Aside from the beautiful appearance, your safety is our first priority. We utilise high-end cosmetics for our makeup. Our cosmetics are scientifically evaluated and certified for use on the skin. Like no other cosmetics have no negative effects on your skin. We also have a staff of experienced skin care specialists that are familiar with all human skin types. We know which cosmetics work best on particular skin. So, you should not be concerned about our beauty services.


Every season, Alisha Empire Salon and her crew design and produce hundreds of brides’ looks. Alisha Empire Salon is a makeup brand. Alisha Empire Salon has been creating and presenting events and runway presentations for over a decade. With her unmatched wedding makeup skills and distinctive vision, she is every bride’s first choice. You’ll like her use of colour and her ability to create the ideal wedding appearance. Marriage is the most important day in a woman’s life. Every lady wants to look well on this lovely day. We assist you with your preparations. We presently have four branches in Delhi. Any of our branches will do. If you live or intend to marry outside of Delhi, you may hire us to come to your house for a fee including lodging and meals.

Bridal Makeup Cost

Our goal is to make your wedding day a dream come true. Our goal is to make everyone swoon over the bride. Everyone’s primary concern is price. We recognise that every client has a unique budget. So we’ve created inexpensive wedding cosmetic kits to brighten your day. Affordability may be chosen. Add us to your trusted beauty salon list. You need not go elsewhere for cheap Alisha Empire Salon.


This salon offers the finest party makeup artists. We are a professional makeup company. Visit us before a party and we will make you appear lovely. Our knowledgeable team understands all skin types. We also provide several cosmetics packages. Our artists can assist you dress up for various parties.
Our beauty salon was created to offer the finest services to our clients. SATISFACTION DES CLIENTS Our team’s goal is to make you the sole focus of attention at the party after your visit to our beauty parlour. Our makeup artists are all trained by Alisha Empire Salon, who has over 22 years of expertise in the cosmetics business. So, you should not be concerned about our services.
Party Makeup in Delhi
Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a formal event. No matter the party’s topic, our cosmetic services will help you stand out. Our experienced specialists are experts in party makeup. Lastly, we only use branded cosmetics that are scientifically recognised worldwide. So, our cosmetics have no side-effects.
We go all throughout the nation. Delhi has four branches. Make an appointment before visiting any of our Delhi offices. Our party makeup rates vary depending on location.


Khoobsurat is a renowned beauty clinic in Delhi that provides engagement makeup. The finest engagement makeup artists in Delhi. We have a skilled team of makeup artists. Our team guarantees our clients the finest engagement makeup services. Our services are 100% reliable and open. So we are your finest engagement makeup artist.
Get Ready for Engagement Parties!
A unique collection of engagement cosmetics for our clients. We design your big day around your outfit and the event’s theme. Visit us and receive the most stunning cosmetic look.
Usual Cosmetics
We use branded makeup. These cosmetics companies have no skin negative effects. These are also scientifically tested and may be used on various skin types. We use Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dior, NARS, Makeup Forever, Chanel, etc.


Base & Blush byAlisha Empire Salon
Base & Blush by Alisha Empire Salon is a Delhi-based cosmetics artist. A stunning bridal makeover is one of the things that happens during a big wedding event that leaves a lasting impression on the bride. Base & Blush by Alisha Empire Salon is the ideal choice if you are organising a big wedding event and searching for a skilled and creative makeup artist.
Services Offered Base & Blush by Alisha Empire Salon has been operating for a long time and understands the importance of your special event. Want to marry abroad? If yes, the crew is ready to take you and your family on a tour of the cities.
Base & Blush by Alisha Empire Salon offers a wide range of treatments and facilities to suit your requirements and budget. Some of their services include:


Only a flawless eye makeup can generate a magnetic impression. A good makeup artist will do eye makeup for the occasion. Our skilled eye makeup artists will give you the finest eye look. We pay attention to the smallest details.

Our Eye Makeup
First, we moisturise your eye to maintain its natural shine. We use things that help makeup last all day.

Our goods are of high quality and will not cause eye discomfort or burning.
Makeup your eyes with us. We can give your eyes a smoky, coloured, brownish look.
We apply volumizing mascara to extend lashes instantly.
Why Us?
We can produce a masterpiece while you relax.
As a matter of principle, we sanitise our instruments after each usage.
We provide a wide range of eye cosmetics that may be customised.
We utilise products that are gentle on the eyes.